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About Us

First time to visit Japan? Or is this your 100th visit? In either way, the majority of visitors are intersted in Japanese food.
One of our goals is to introduce home-style Japanese meals to foreigners, which leads to better understanding of our culture. Even though Japanese food is known as one of the healthiest diets in the world, the time is changing. Home meal here is also changing. More fast food, more take out food... It's not bad. People need those. But we want to focus on traditional Japanese meal style, which consists of rice, soup and three other dishes. That is the basis of Japanese home meal.
We also provide various kinds of cooking classes besides Japanese cuisine. Baking, BBQ, pizza... We are not professional chefs, but every staff have passions for food! Please experience real good food for your body and soul in a relaxed atmosphere.


Our staff



Ikuko's photo

Eating is a big part of our life. Food becomes part of our bodies. I am grateful for food, the people making food, the people eating with me, and the people cooking with me. And special thanks to the people who washes dishes:)

  • Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan
  • Majored in Psychology at Doshisha University, Kyoto
  • Interested in cooking, especially Macrobiotics and Japanese


Mike's photo

Until my early twenties I couldn’t cook a thing besides frozen pizzas and instant ramen. Then, I met my future wife and that all changed. She taught me the basics and I fell in love (with her and cooking!) There is something special about preparing a meal for others. Nothing makes me happier than when I see someone gobble u p a meal that I prepared and ask for seconds. I am a professional English teacher, but a chef at heart. I look forward to teaching you about food and culture all while using English!

  • Born and raised near Chicago, Illinois (America)
  • Majored in International Studies at Hawaii Pacific University
  • Maters in Teaching English at Temple University
  • Interested in homemade food that is hearty and deliciousli>


One day when I was eight, instead of asking my mom how babies are made I asked her how chocolate chip cookies are made. She opened to a page in her cookbook and said here. It was funny because I didn't recall her really making them. Turns out it was a recipe she copied from an American friend of hers that she just hung on to. Measuring and mixing things in order, following directions, I was so amazed to have created something so yummy. I've loved baking ever since and when I see people eat what I've made it fills me with joy. I hope to share some happiness and my love of baking with you in English.

  • Born in Chicago, raised in Seattle
  • Majored in Chemistry at the University of Washington
  • Interested in baking and comfort food